I picked up a Jobo 2509 spool and 2521 tank to begin processing my first 4x5 film. I've got plenty of 135 and 120 experience, and actually thought that this appeared to be easier.

I probably scratched up my first test images struggling with this stuff inside of my changing bag. I never did get more than one sheet of film loaded at a time. All it would take is the side of the changing bag brushing against the back of the film sheet and *poof* it's off-track. So a larger changing tent is in order (something I wanted anyway because it's even constraining for 120 work).

With a proper changing tent, am I still likely to loathe using this thing? I'm starting to look at things that will not endear me to my family, like trying to make our little bathroom light-tight so I can do tray processing on the floor or in the tub in there.