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75$ !!!! Nice technology, but the price has to be related to its usefulness.
I know, I know. B&H has them for a tiny bit less. I will say that I've had mine for years and it's been dang useful. There is no second guessing if a battery is good or not with it. It has saved me from having to buy those expensive lithium batteries annually for my RZ because it does let me know what's left in them. Saving $10 a battery does add up.

Really off topic: lots of uses around the house for it too. Stuff like the batteries in remote controls. I was also using mine recently to see if the rechargeable batteries for the outdoor solar powered garden lights were still any good. (A lot of them weren't.)

And Parker--the easy answer is to get four new ones, stick them in the tester, test the old batteries, and if they're still good pop 'em right back in. On the RZ--any chance something metallic (non metered prism?) is making contact on the camera body where the AE viewfinder terminals are? Mine has a little plastic insert to cover those terminals up. Black electrical tape could work too. The contacts on the film backs are only for setting the film speed for the metered prisms. They shouldn't be doing anything to the shutter.