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Donald, I recommed you do a side by side comparison with the same neg betweeen a condenser and a diffusing enlarger, carefully adjusting the contrast on vc-paper to match overall contrast from both light sources (e.g. using a step wedge). After I did this, I sold one of my Durst enlargers, gained some money and lots of workspace and never looked back.

I have conducted this test months ago. The Durst condensor will give me drastically improved local contrast at the same overall contrast settings. The enlarger that I used in comparison is my Saunders 4550 VCCE. Along with drastically improved local contrast, I have noticed improved sharpness with the same enlarging lens (150 mm El Nikkor). Both enlargers are perfectly aligned. If I sold anything it would be my Saunders 4550 VCCE XLG that has been modified for pin registration.

The improved local contrast that I experience with the Durst Condensor enlarger is the difference between a print that glows and a print that doesn't.

The Saunders is generally recognized as being a very good enlarger. It doesn't compare to the Durst condensor.