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620 spools are worth money?

i have a whole jar full. what do they bring? ok, ebay has them for around $5 each, on average.

woopie do. Those folks DO realize every old 620 camera has one in it, right?
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Maybe $4-5 each
I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I can tell you exactly how much they go for. The answer is $7.25, on average.

How do I know this? Well, for some strange reason (a moment of boredom perhaps) I decided to look at completed sales of 620 spools and calculate how much they were actually selling for. I found about 3 months of sales to average; and having done the exercise twice since then, I can now report the figure above as the average price per spool over the last ~9 months. It encompasses eBay sales of just the bare spools, and only those sold in North America. It does not include shipping costs, although I have statistics for that too. Anyway, here is a histogram of the data:

620 sales.png