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Wow this thread moved fast...

Stone, your work is great, I've said it before and expect to repeat myself over the years.

I laugh at your comment that you had to evacuate, because that happens to me too. One Saturday morning, I was developing a neg by inspection that needed all the developing I could give it. We were late for something, I don't know what now, but my wife demanded I get out of the darkroom NOW. So I knew the neg needed more time but had to put it in the stop and fix it and get it in the water fast or else I'd be toast.

My regret with this shot is I only made one print, and I don't know if I can make another like it.

But suppose I made a negative scan and inverted it. That would certainly have a "different" look. And if I did that computer stuff before I made a real print, then that would become the mental master I would feel like I had to meet. It might be difficult to achieve that in the darkroom. But most of all, it might be a bad look and I might not have the vision to realize this is the right look.

I only mean to illustrate the discipline APUG encourages helps me maintain standards. Some people are photographers, others are printers. I consider myself a printer. So it's easy for me to print first. But even I stray occasionally when I am dying to share something specific. Your Sandy and Snowpocalypse shots needed to be seen.

Wow Bill, that's a really huge compliment, thanks, I'm a little humbled

Also, I figured something out with the evacuation procedures that might help you in the future...

Basically, if you're really good with developer info, you can quickly consider how much time you have developed and how much time you have left, then cut (dump) a percentage of developer out that would equal the amount you want to develop to completion, then pour in water to make up the difference, then leave it to stand develop till you can return. It's not a perfect method, but I think it should work much better than stopping it early.

When you come back you can stop (though probably unnecessary at that point) and fix.

What do you think?