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I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I can tell you exactly how much they go for. The answer is $7.25, on average.

How do I know this? Well, for some strange reason (a moment of boredom perhaps) I decided to look at completed sales of 620 spools and calculate how much they were actually selling for. I found about 3 months of sales to average; and having done the exercise twice since then, I can now report the figure above as the average price per spool over the last ~9 months. It encompasses eBay sales of just the bare spools, and only those sold in North America. It does not include shipping costs, although I have statistics for that too. Anyway, here is a histogram of the data:

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This is some great market research. Ebay is all over the map for some items. Changes in description and condition alone can't account for it all. It takes me months of browsing and bidding before I get my sought after item at the average, or maybe the mean price. I can't decide if it's simply that people know they overpay and have more money than patience, or if they simply don't understand that these prices swing wildly.