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Checkig the work by the photographers of the afghanboxcamera project has been very motvating, and that's just what I needed. I'll definitively try to get some liquid developpr although is not easy hera, and if not, just get my back ready for some extre weight!
if ur going to be doing like those guys in kabul do, despite what the other guys say I bet you could take a 1-gallon bag of dry dektol and break it down into 1-pint units to mix up at the start of the day -- paper is pretty forgiving and I sincerely doubt those chemicals separate all that much in the bag.

On the other hand ilford liquid chemicals would be a lot easier to mix on the spot -- an ounce of stock, a pint of water, there you go. The bottle would keep fresh for a few weeks after opening and if you use the camera daily it would work just fine. You don't say where you live, but I bet it can be ordered. This stuff--a .5 liter bottle isn't all that heavy.