To clarify -

I want to use the currently manufactured type-100 pack films (I'm thinking that's the two Fuji's, fp3000 and fc100 if memory serves) in a 4x5 view camera;

I have a classic polaroid 4x5 holder with nothing available on the market to feed it (other than dwindling old stock).

For pack film, I have the fiber-optics forschers on my Nikons, I have a pack film back for my Mamiya. I have two Polaroid Land 100's. Those all take pack film.

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck modifying a pack film back for a 4x5 view camera, if there's any existing knowledge or is it fairly no-brainer?

There are usually several backs on ebay that will do just what I want; they're $200 and up. If it's been tried and (for some reason that hasn't occurred to me) is a dead end, I'll look into one of those. But used polaroid backs for pack film are plentiful out there.

I know fuji did something along the lines of a "4x5 pack film" but that died fairly young. Supposedly Impossible Project is experimenting with bringing back the classic pos-neg film (and won't that be a glorious day???) But for now, for all practical purposes - non-experimental work where repeatable results from current products are available - we're down to two emulsions for peel apart.

Polaroid types & nomenclatures have confused plenty of shooters - but sadly, it's all pretty simple these days...