Ah thanks for the suggestions. I suspected the 75w lamp would have been the right size. The enlarger did not have a manual and only a promotional ad pamphlet with only 1 picture on it. I did not remember seeing vents but I could be wrong, I'll double check.

You are correct it is a 6x6 enlarger, it comes with a 6x6 carrier as well as a 75mm lens preinstalled. It also came with a 35mm neg carrier and 50mm lens. I forgot the brand of lens but they were 25mm thread.

I will pick up a 75w bulb, b&h has them online for less than $5, maybe they have them in store too.

If I get a chance I would like to try out the CFL and LED options and test it, but I have a feeling that those bulbs are just not frosted/opal covered enough to eliminate hot spots in a condenser setup. As well as the potential difficulties with using vc papers. I really thought someone atleast had tried this with one of their enlargers.