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Have you seen: instructions_load_reels_4x5.htm - Without the 2508/2512, I too find loading the reels to be a pain. The loading jig makes life much easier, as does using a big tent. A tip when using a jumbo changing bag is to put a cardboard box (with one side cut out) inside to kep the cloth away from film & hands.

Evn with the loading jig, it can be irksome to fully load a reel, so for the odd sheet or two, I prefer a Paterson Orbital.
I agree with using the base, I don't understand why "it can be irksome to fully load a reel." We must be doing it very differently. I find it silly simple, again far far easier than loading roll film where 120 wants to crimp and half moon if you're not careful and 35mm wants to bind before I get to the end of a 36x roll. Loading the 4x5 reels, each sheet is as easy as any other sheet.

There is a little trick to putting a bit of curve into the film as you slide it in, but while I think I could demonstrate this using a sheet of exposed film I don't think I could begin to describe it.