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Wow, you were a lucky kid. I wanted a camera (I had my own money) but my parents couldn't see spending $10 to $15 for a mere camera so I got a hand-me-down Kodak Brownie Relfex. No flash of course. I got into trouble with my Mom for photographing the back porch (that was the part of the house in the sun at the moment). When I was 18 I won a sleek Relleiflex 3.5 and finally had a professional camera and I was off and running. Now retired, I'm making large blowups from some of my photos with that Rollie and exhibiting them in art galleries. I have one taken with the Brownis that, I have to say, is darn good. By the way your photo of (?) grandma in the parlor is priceless.
Yes, your guess is spot on. That is my maternal grandmother. She's been gone now for 30 years, almost to the day. She was picking up from the aftermath of Christmas gift opening.