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Thank you guys, these are all good advises. I will try get a single sided glass carrier , but I am not sure my Beseler 23-CII-XL has this accesory. Besides the Dichro head, I also have a condenser head. I was told by an engineer I could get a more contrasty print by using a condenser head, and in fact I found that is the case. (at the expense of a few specs of dust that show). Now when I say sharp, I also mean the level of detail I can perceive. Having worked my way down from Digital, where I can actually see the texture of a person's skin (magnificent detail reproduction) , I am not sure if this is a dream on optical printing, at least with 35mm which is all I can do.
With good equipment and technique, you will be able to resolve more detail when you print 35mm optically, then when you use mainstream digital equipment.

Top end ($$$$+) digital equipment may require a different comparison.

The difference is that, without the artificial increase of accutance that is available to you through digital means, that additional detail may be less obvious to you in your optical print unless you magnify the results.

The appearance of sharpness is highly subjective, and mostly a result of edge contrast or accutance. The resolution of actual detail has a moderately small effect on the appearance of sharpness. In some circumstances, an increase in resolution will result in a decrease in the appearance of sharpness.

A condenser enlarger will help accentuate edge contrast/accutance. A point source enlarger will help even more (but I wouldn't recommend them for general purpose use).

You can also use unsharp masking in an optical workflow, but I wouldn't recommend that except for special negatives.