^Same here: both my F75 and F80 (N75 and N80 for you) have the battery packs. And the MB-18 for the F75 gives you a nice shutter button. One thing that makes me enjoy more the F75 over the F80 is the fact that I shoot most of the time in A mode, so the main dial on the back is used to change apertures, while the F80 always uses the dial on the front for the same: not as convenient as on the F75.
As a curiosity both cameras, as well as the F65, are well furnished in the flash capabilities. Although the F75 and F65 don't have flash exposure compensation on the body, if you use a SB-26 or any flash with flash exposure compensation on it, they will use it. The earlier F401, F50 and F60 can't use Rear curtain synch or flash exposure compensation, even if the flash has them. They will also not communicate with the flash display, so you have to set the display to show correct information.
The top of the range F4, F5 or even the F100 don't have flash exposure compensation on the body. They rely on the flash to have it. The F90 or the F90X don't have it either on the body, unless you use the fiddly MF-26 which has it.