Hi All,

Having recently acquired a Leica IIIG I now have 3 35mm systems. Time for one to go to a good home.

On offer is an OM-1 MD with 5 lenses. I collected this system over the last several years but I've only used it twice.
Enough to know that everything works the way it did when new. I'd like to sell it as a package and avoid breaking it up.
Everything is in very good user shape and other than a few light wear marks the gear is also cosmetically good.
There are the usual small dust specks in the lenses that you see with any used lens, they will not effect the photos.

What is included:

OM-1 MD with case, strap, hot shoe, microprism centre focussing screen, body cap and 50mm f/1.8 F.Zuiko. There is also an extra split image rangefinder focussing screen with microprism collar.

21 mm f/3.5 G.Zuiko with case and original lens hood
28 mm f/3.5 G.Zuiko with original hood
135 mm f/3.5 E.Zuiko with case and built in hood
200 mm f/4 E.Zuiko with built in hood

Also included are a 49 mm Olympus close up filter F=40cm and a 25mm extension tube.
Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.
Price is $450 US, Paypal only please, buyer pays for shipping. 2% will go to APUG.

Thanks for looking,