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To clarify -

I want to use the currently manufactured type-100 pack films (I'm thinking that's the two Fuji's, fp3000 and fc100 if memory serves) in a 4x5 view camera;

I have a classic polaroid 4x5 holder with nothing available on the market to feed it (other than dwindling old stock).

For pack film, I have the fiber-optics forschers on my Nikons, I have a pack film back for my Mamiya. I have two Polaroid Land 100's. Those all take pack film.

I was wondering if anyone has had any luck modifying a pack film back for a 4x5 view camera, if there's any existing knowledge or is it fairly no-brainer?

There are usually several backs on ebay that will do just what I want; they're $200 and up. If it's been tried and (for some reason that hasn't occurred to me) is a dead end, I'll look into one of those. But used polaroid backs for pack film are plentiful out there.

I know fuji did something along the lines of a "4x5 pack film" but that died fairly young. Supposedly Impossible Project is experimenting with bringing back the classic pos-neg film (and won't that be a glorious day???) But for now, for all practical purposes - non-experimental work where repeatable results from current products are available - we're down to two emulsions for peel apart.

Polaroid types & nomenclatures have confused plenty of shooters - but sadly, it's all pretty simple these days...
Just FYI impossible will NOT be making the current pack film size (the Fuji100fc or whatever it is) I've spooked with them, the machine that made them had been disassembled before they were able to purchase it and R&D into a new one is unprofitable so they won't ever do it (unless Fuji discontinued their stock and sells the machine to TIP).

The "55project" or whatever they are called in Boston, MA, USA are working on a NEW type pos/neg that's supposedly much better than the original and I've seen a few examples, they are still ironing out the kinks.

They are LOOSLEY affiliated with TIP but only because I assume TIP will be the distributor. And may use the type 55 projects info to come out with 8x10 stuff since they have the machining for that size.

The type 55 project I BELIEVE is using 4x5 pack film sizes if memory serves...

Also "type55 project" is not the exact name, I forget what it is but it's some variation of that wording...

Personally I'm looking for a 4x5 pack film holder just in preparation in case the type 55 project is a success


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