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Hi Folks!

I finally got a Patterson tank and the requisite chemistry in the mail yesterday. I processed one roll of Delta 400 and in my haste I dumped the developer a full minute early, so only half the roll gave me any usable frames, This is Delta 400 film, and I'm using Ilfotec DD-X at ~21C for 8 minutes,

Thanks everyone for your help!
There is something else wrong here. If you dumped the dev only one minute early so 7 mins instead of 8 there is no way that by itself this should have resulted in only half the roll giving usable frames. If 8 mins is the recommended Ilford time then 7 mins should give very printable negs albeit a little underdeveloped or maybe not even a little underdeveloped given that 7 mins is probably the time that many users having tested their film decide on.