To all that have trouble loading film: place your hand on a solid flat surface with fingers extended then hit each finger tip with a hammer as if you were driving a nail then repeat with the other hand, and try not to break the skin. Now when you can handle the film and reel without causing yourself pain you are ready to load as you are no longer handling the film too roughly.

I use a Photoflex Changing Room ,readily available.
I put the 2509n reel on the center post of the 2521 with the clear side up. I lay the reel across the top of the tank so that the load slots are facing away from me. I pick up a sheet of film, turn it so that the emulsion is facing inward then find the slot the furthest away from me, start one edge then locate the same slot on the other side and start that side. Next I square the film to the reel and slide it in leaving about 1/4 inch of film above the reel edge and load the next. Once all 3 slots for that side have been filled I push the film in fully. The end cap for this side can be installed at this time or after the other 3 slots on the other side have been filled.