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Two stockpilers per US state? Then I must own eastern Tennessee! I have two 7 cu ft freezers full, and more in a refrigerator. I'll probably be getting a third freezer for paper. Or maybe paper does better in a fridge

Why stockpile? Well if nothing else, the return on investment probably beats the stock market. Go back and look at film prices from say two years ago and you may be shocked.

Anyone starting to stockpile chemicals?
The argument COULD be made that the cost of running a freezer over a years period would outweigh the savings of the increase in film cost.

However I know my MINI-fridge and NON-frost free freezer only costs about $80-$100/year to run. So I'm saving marginally depending on how much I shoot. Larger freezers may take up more energy. The frost free ones are HUGE energy consumers, however those are bad for film storage anyway a the fluctuations in temperature are worse for film than storing them at room temperature...

Anyway I still have about 2 cubic feet of film as I just checked. I'm low though... There's almost room for one tub of Ice cream again in my freezer!


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