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You know--I don't like this guy recently left posts inended to be insulting to me-no reason at all-he just decided he wants to pick on me for some reason.. Now he's trying to bully you to his terms like this other dork tried to do to me when I was selling some drums. The dude wouldn't leave me alone--he wanted them at HIS price...and wouldn't take NO for an answer...whatta moron. But I digress. The upshot is this:

It's worth an extra 50 bucks to me just so this guy don't get it. My NEW bid: $450.00.

I'm sorry if you feel that way, I don't recall the posts, but I'm sorry if you felt insulted. I rarely purposefully say anything mean or insulting, I just have a harsh and direct way of speaking, it probably doesn't translate well through text.

I apologize.

And I wasn't bullying him, but, when I PM someone about something they are selling, I at LEAST expect a response, even if its "sorry man, that deal won't work for me" but he was just silent, no response then posted on here again. So I thought maybe if I posted publicly he would respond at least, find a common ground on a trade/money or give me the time to sell my stuff so I could pay him a after it's sold.

If he would communicate with me and give me the time to come up with the money, I would love to buy this, but non-response is frustrating as you don't know what's going on in the other end.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but when you post something for sale on a forum where many people trade goods, it's frustrating to not even get a response back...


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