My first was a Kodak Instamatic (I don't remember which model). It took 126 film (I mostly shot Kodachrome in it!) and flashcubes. By the time I inherited it from my parents, the flash part of it didn't work. Next camera was a fixed-focus, fixed shutter speed (but variable aperture - F/16, 11, 8, and 6) 35mm. It was okay, but was replaced in 2 years (fall of '88) by a Pentax ME Super. The one I have the fondest memories of was the ME Super (obviously). My current one is also a Pentax - a PZ-20, but would love to get my hands on another ME Super.

I would love to shoot square pictures with 35mm, but haven't seen any cameras that will let me do that. And cropping after shooting won't work because I shoot slides, so it needs to be a square mask so standard 35mm slide mounts can still be used. Heavy sigh.