my first camera was a mickey mouse camera that you pulled down the ear to take the photograph
it took 126 cassettes ( i think ? ) and i used it when i was about 5 maybe a little before my 5th birthday when we
moved. a while later ( few cassettes of film ? ) i sold it for a few dollars at a yard sale and my mom gave me her hawkeye flashfun
which i still have ( somewhere ). it took 127 film and was the camera i used until i was a freshman in high school, when i got a pentax k1000.
i remember seeing the film from the flashfun, but have no idea where it ended up, it was in a drawer in "the museum" and when my parents moved
a few years ago i grabbed the prints and have no idea where they were put ... i have my first k1000 rolls though, they were processed by me ...