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Stone, I found that is now very hard to find good 35mm cassettes. I was lucky to buy bunch of empty Fuji cassettes in Japan a few years ago. Kodak ones were very good. I still use bunch ones from Konica colour films. Spanish AP, both plastic and metal are every bad, they are also sold under Kalt label. Last spring I was lucky to buy 30 or 40 cassettes in Columbus, Ohio. It was mix of Kodak and Seattle film works. In the last 2 years I traveled a lot thru North America and in every town I checked in existing camera stores do they have any original Kodak cassettes left. I found almost none.
I'm not big fun of practice of taping new film to piece of existing film in used colour cassettes taken from the labs. I do not like to have the last frame of the roll exposed. Even bought 5 reloadable Leitz cassettes for use in my M2 (now liberated from me by my son).
35mm bulk loaders are handy to use. I just roll spools in the dark, that way I save on pass thru cassettes felt. Similar story as for 70mm, we talked about.
So KALT is no good? Ok I'll keep an eye out for Kodak ones.

I still am not understanding the bulk loader rolls the WHOLE thing including the cassette? So it damages the felt?

Are the cans re-usable like the 70mm? Or can you only use then once?


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