I was typing up a really awesome post, but my computer crapped out, so here is the abbreviated version:

My daughter was 6 months when I signed up for the exchange, and slept through the night. Now she's 7 months, has started teething, being sick and wanting to crawl and play. She no longer goes to sleep at 8! Many thanks to my wife for letting me into the darkroom tonight to finish off the prints for the exchange.

I should be shipping them on Monday or Tuesday.

Here is what I've recieved so far:

Anikin - Honest Officer - Great use of lines. Now explain how exactly that happens!

Jim 17X - A couple Ducks - I love this low key print. I know the subject is the ducks. What really draws me in is the silhouette of the leaves at the top thought. Tack sharp too.

Carin, Macugnaga, Italy - Great execution through the whole process. Composition, DOF and exposure. The print is just right. Sharp foreground, great texture in the rocks.