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hi wildbill,

great minds think alike !

i suggest stone make a print of his chrome, right onto ilford direct positive paper back on page 3

i also suggested he make a paper transparency and a contact print using the sun cyanotype ( sun print paper from the hobby shop )
which will retain its BLUE tone
a paper transparency can be made the old fashioned way with photo paper,
or a new fangled way using one of those weird machines that makes xeroxigraphical images
either way the paper is WAXED ... if stone is lucky he may find a run down copy shop that has
an old fashioned analog slide projector for the copy machine, one that projects the image onto
a reflector and down onto the glass, so much more fun than a jpg or pdf file yuck !
HAHA apparently I don't read my own threads

Either way it's all too much silly work for nothing. I posted my scan as is... which according to Ken is actually the purest version anyway