For Sale: Fujica GA645 with strap, soft case, lens cap, hood, hood case, original box, original sale tag, original instructions. I have shot four rolls with the camera. I like the results, but I do not like the ergonomics!

East Asia, Australia and New Zealand (425 USD shipped)
USA/Canada (430 USD shipped)
Europe (440 USD shipped)
South America (255 USD shipped)

Shipping via Japan Post EMS.

Paypal payment only.

Overall Body Condition: This camera is EXCELLENT. There are no major scratches or dents. There are three very small paint chips of the film door edges. There are no scratches and few scuff marks on the camera from every day use.

Camera Function: . The lens extends and retracts without a problem. The auto-focus works fine. The camera operates in Program, Aperture Priority and Manual modes. There is no debris or or mold in the viewfinder, but there is some very fine dust. All digital displays are fine. All functions work properly. I can set and operate the flash. I can set the focus auto-focus or manual focus. I can set and operate the self-timer. The +/- EV setting operates. I can adjust the ISO readings. I pushed a roll of Illford HP+ 400 to 800. I had no problems. The shutter speeds and f-stops are visible in the viewfinder. Parallax correction also works. There are no display LED display leaks or fading. The data entry operates, but I never used it to imprint on film. The door locks firmly into place. No light leaks. The light seal form is in good condition. No need to replace it.

Lens Condition: The lens is a Fujinon EBC 60mm f4. The lens has no mold, fungus, haze or cloudiness. The does not appear to have any cleaning marks either.

Shutter Condition: The shutter is clean and snappy. The shutter speeds are accurate.

Meter Condition: The meter is accurate.

Accessories: The camera has a strap, soft case, lens cap, hood, hood case, original box, original sale tag, original instructions

Refunds are offered minus shipping costs.

Customs, duties, import taxes are the buyers responsibility.