For Sale: Canon EOS1n with battery pack I have used this camera a lot. I have shot about 25 rolls of film with in the last three months.

East Asia, Australia and New Zealand (190 USD shipped)
USA/Canada (195 USD shipped)
Europe (200 USD shipped)
South America (210USD shipped)

Shipping via Japan Post EMS.

Paypal payment only.

Body Condition: Excellent. The outside is very good condition to excellent .There are some minor scratches. There are no dents.. There are no cracks. There are a few light scuffs. The self-timer works. The film door closes tightly and firmly.

Viewfinder Condition: The viewfinder is clean. There is no mold inside the penta-prism.

Digital Displays: All internal viewfinder and top digital displays work and are clearly visible.

Focusing’ The camera continuous or single focusing works. I can adjust the focus points in the viewfinder.
Shutter Condition: The shutter is accurate. The shutter curtains are undamaged.

Meter Condition’ The meter is accurate. Matrix, Center-weighted and Spot metering work. AE-L works. I can manually set the ISO or let the camera set the ISO based on the DX reading. The EV compensation works and is accurate.

Program Modes’ The Program, Aperture, Shutter and Manual options work correctly. The shutter speed dial and aperture setting dial operate, so you can easily adjust those settings. I do not know about the custom modes as I have never had or wanted to use it.

Other operations’ The AF-L lock button operates. The self-timer works. I can set the camera to single or continuous shooting mode.

I can switch between using the lithium battery or the alkaline batteries without a problem.

Notes: The is a strap and body cap available with the camera.

Refunds are offered minus shipping.

Customs, duties and import taxes are the buyer`s responsibility.