For Sale: Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II. The lens has not been cleaned, lubricated or adjusted. The lens mounts, focuses, and stops down on the Canon EOS1n I have for sale. It has been stuck on the Canon EOS1n 90% of the time.

Sorry, I do not have any close-ups of the lens. I only have the camera porn shots below.

East Asia, Australia and New Zealand (75 USD shipped)
USA/Canada (80 USD shipped)
Europe (85 USD shipped)
South America (90 USD shipped)

Overall Condition: Excellent. The outer body is undamaged. There are no dents, scratches or scuffs. The filter ring is not damage, so the filter screws on and off without problems.

Lens Condition: Very Good to Excellent. There is no haze, mold, fungus or cloudiness. If there are light cleaning marks then are VERY VERY light! There is a little internal dust. There are no other problems with the lens.

Focusing Condition: Focusing is smooth and accurate. In manual focus mode there is no slippage. Focus is accurate throughout the distance range. The lens focuses in continuous mode or single mode when programmed to through the camera.

Aperture Blade Condition: The aperture blades close down nicely. I can set the aperture setting manually with the aperture ring on the camera or with the Canon EOS1n dial. The lens aperture lock locks firmly into place to ensure aperture priority when using it on a auto-focus camera. The blades are very clean. There is no oil or dirt

Notes: There are no front and rear lens caps.

Refunds are offered minus shipping costs. Customs, duties, import taxes are the buyers responsibility.