Monthly Shooting Assignment: March/April 2013 "B&W Nudes & Bodyscapes"

Hey everyone!

I thought and thought, at first I wanted to think of something really unique and challenging and something that would really clever and "artistic" and make me look like I'm such a professional ... but I wanted something anyone has the capability of doing sometime within the timeframe and if I said mountains or streams etc, not everyone can get out there at that time, BUT...

As some of you know, I shoot a lot of nude work, so I decided I'd like to see other's styles of nude work, however in order to include everyone, I decided to make it Bodyscapes, this means your image does not have to be nude, it of course can be a nude, but I want them to all be in B&W, no color images, no toned images, pure B&W, the only thing I'll accept besides a B&W negative is something like a paper negative or wet plate or B&W Polaroid, but again, no additional toning except what is normal for that type of process.

I chose this because we are all people, if you don't have any nude work at all, you can set up a tripod and a timer/cable and shoot yourself, again, full nudes not required, so don't be so shy no excuses!!

Can the forum owner please let me know if I've done any of this wrong? I've never done this before.

I'll be posting a couple to get everyone "in the mood" and then will sit back and watch the proceedings! - (Taken from the previous poster and quotes addd, thought it was a haha sentence and fitting to this new assignment).