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me? i'd probably use plain old instant coffee and sodium carbonate ..
cheap and easy ... BUT it is slow working so it might take an extra minute or 2 to develop your prints.

good luck and have a great time on your trip !
sounds like a lot of fun


Thanks to all of you!
The thing is that I have a few very big boxes of paper that I think are blurred, but I do want to give them a try before going to the province where I want to start (some 40 hors away!!) The extra weigh of two big boxes of paper in such a long trip would be a pain, and so would be the 4l of chemical...
So I am going to give it a try on wednesday since I just need to see if the paper is blurred, the worst that can happen is that the chemical doesn't work and I'd just take the whole boxes and try it again once I mix the whole thing in the other province. I don't think that the few grams I took in the first try will afect too much the effect of the rest of the mix, even if the amount of one of the components I took at the beginning was uneaven.

Jnanian, I tried the same but with normal coffee since I was in a village and could not find instant coffee, also I used washing pouder which had sodium carbonate, but also other components. It didn't work, but if you think it was because of using normal coffee instead of instant one, I'll give it one more try