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It will depend on the mood of the inspector that day, if he's had his coffee, and if he likes your looks.
Good luck. I've gone through that airport more times than I can remember, and gave up a long time ago. For what it's worth, I've taken 400 film through as many as 6 X-rays, and have never had a problem. A number of years ago, they fine-tuned their machinery to get around this problem, because hand inspections slowed the lines down.

For what it's worth (since everyone is saying it now haha) I went through many airports on my 2010 Kodachrome trip, and never had a problem with hand inspection except the flight home they insisted on ripping open my last 6 rolls of film that were still in their boxes that WERE in perfect condition.... HOWEVER they WILL NOT allow hand inspection of cameras if there is film inside and will insist on sending that through the x-ray, and I hadn't finished a roll TWICE and BOTH rolls had TERRIBLE banding on them, they are the only 2 rolls that were bad, and this is K64 ... 64 ASA film. I don't know if there's something in the design of the camera that heightens the x-ray or something, or they spent an extra long time on it because it had all sorts of gears and object s inside they had to be sure I didn't have something bad hidden, whatever the case may be, make sure if you HAVE to send the film through the x-ray, it's not IN the camera... just my advice. Maybe ask if they can send it through fast so there's less damage and separate it out from everything else. I usually have it all in one zip lock bag, I HOLD the bag when I send everything else through, and then I wave at the lady and ask really sweet and with a gentile smile on my face "can you please hand inspect these" (learn to say it in french!).

You can also get those lead bags, which will FORCE them to open the lead bag and hand inspect the film, but they are super expensive.