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You all may be interested in the fact that Mirko, of Fotoimpex fame, has been in contact with many of the former Agfa people and has the ability to get most all photochemicals for emulsion making. That is whey I suggested contacting Fotoimpex. He may be willing to supply these and I am sure that he can get his hands on them very easily.

My response was a fair reply to the foregoing post, and it was accurate. A moderator seems to claim that he contacted Fotoimpex to confirm, apparently, whether Fotoimpex ultimately ignored a large order for paper from a company that it represents. It appears that since Fotoimpex denied any problem on its part that the moderator decided to delete my comment. This sort of censorship is unfair to posters and to readers. After two or three emails (which included responses from Fotoimpex and unfulfilled promises to provide quotes for my order, a visit to the Berlin store, and one telephone call, I simply dropped all further efforts to fill the order with Fotoimpex and filled it with Bergger instead. Hence, my post was intended as a casual response to the suggestion that Fotomipex might be thought of as a creative source for difficult to find raw chemicals. It was a fair response and not in the least aimed at pursuing any thing at all further with Fotimpex concerning my order, as the moderator apparently advises.

And in fact, I would indeed be pleasantly surprised if a photographer would have much luck getting Fotoimpex's cooperation in purchasing a very wide range of raw chemicals for emulsion making. Apparently, its possible to secure a supply of gelatin from the store, but I would be delighted to hear if anyone has any success getting Fotoimpex's cooperation in obtaining an adequate range of raw chemicals. There are much better sources for chemicals in Germany as several posters have already revealed.