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The worse part about my complaining is that they really just ignored me after I complained.
With xenon lamps, you can't change them or make repairs without shutting down and interrupting the movie. In the old days, when carbon arcs were used, operators could make some adjustments on the fly. (Arc gap, positive/negative carbon alignment, feed rate and reflector alignment.)

I have operated carbons only a few times. The guy who showed me even demonstrated how to change carbon rods without extinguishing the arc. (Joinable carbons.) I would never do that! 100 amps DC and 3,000 C! I ain't going near that while it's live! This guy was an old-time operator. That's the way they did things, then. A good operator will know how fast his carbons burn and how much film he has left. He'll make sure he has enough "stick" in the projector before he starts.