The only thing I can think of is there is an Olympus Stylus Epic (Mju I believe outside of North America) that I can get my hands on for $30. I've heard it's good for street photography, though I don't know how loud it is. Maybe I can snatch that up while I figure out the Hexar. I was thinking of getting it anyways for stuff through windows, as the Hexar doesn't really focus through windows well 95% of the time.
If you mean this camera: then I can recommend it.
I bought a Mju II in 2003(?) and used it often. It has a very good light meter and I got excellent exposed B&W negatives.
It is easy to handle and reasonably quiet, although you can hear the film advancing after the shot.
I used it several months to take a picture everyday: hand held point & shoot (not using the view finder).
It's a small camera (will fit in any pocket) so I often take it with me if I don't want to carry around a camera(bag).
The 35 mm lens is very good for street photography, especially since the looks and size of this small camera aren't taken that seriously by any target (as they would with a large "professional" camera).
You'll enjoy it.