Hi All,

A heads-up for anyone interested in learning dry plate photography. I'll be starting in on a basic recipe this week. Since the Light Farm online workshops are designed to be a progressive learning experience -- gradually building to more complex recipes and techniques -- the dry plate tutorial will assume the skills learned in the Gaslight Paper tutorial. If you were planning to jump with dry plate, you will want to familiarize yourself with the paper lessons.


If you haven't started making paper yet, but are thinking about it, you will greatly enjoy the series of articles that "Polder" has written about his experiences. Articles 6 - 12, here: http://thelightfarm.com/Map/Index/IndexPart1.htm.

Henk's experiences put to rest any concerns that it's impossible to make emulsions in the EU.

And very exciting news: technology has come to our rescue! There is now a marvelous new material for coating film -- available from just about any company that sells arts supplies to the public. Grafix has released a replacement for their acetate wet media film. They have subbed Dura-lar (a material they call "the acetate alternative") to accept wet media. I've been putting it through its paces and it's brilliant. Perhaps better than either 3M or Dupont hydrophilic film.

This opens up the whole field of d.i.y. photography. Plate holders are expensive and increasingly hard to find. Glass is heavy. Now, those limitations are eliminated. I'll have more information on TLF.

Best of days to all,