Hi all.

I have just received a "new to me" ETRSi body (from eBay). I have a reasonably complete ETR kit from a long time ago. I want to use my ETRSi body with my older lens, backs, teleconverter and bellows.

1. Should these all work with the much newer ETRSi? I know that any ETRSi system only functions might not be available (and what might they be I wonder?) but should I be expecting basic functionality or not?
2. The battery checks out at 6.1 volts by my meter and my lens shutters fire at all speeds (correctly) but the battery check light does not work and the "shutter just fired" light does not work either (so far only tested with my 50 mm lens).
3. If my ETRSi body needs repair does anyone have any good references to share?

Any other thoughts or advice would be appreciated.