It now seems that I won't be able to run the tests mentioned as there seems to be a chemical reaction occurs within D-316 at 40C.

In an unplanned experiment I left a bottle of D-316 on top of a hot water tank for about 2 weeks. The D-316 temperature varied between ~35~50 C, say 40C average.Upon noticing it was there I opened it,still hot, whereupon it foamed and bubbles came out of the solution.2 days after it had cooled to room temperature I noticed that it had formed tiny suspended crystals in half the bottle, see pic.
IDK if this has something to do with borate-glycol compounds being formed.

Other news- A good source of dimezone-S in the UK ,and maybe Europe, is
I sent them an email asking if they knew where I could get 50 grams,received a quote, paid by paypal, and 2 days later it arrived in the UK.
Because the shipping cost to the UK is less, it's cheaper than buying from Photoformulary or the other supplier (TechChem?) in the US.