I have an MPP monorail which I don't use for landscapes. I also don't use it for anything else. Great movements, but too big, and too heavy. Consequently, I have decided to sell it on, trade in, whatever, and get a field camera that I'm likely to actually take outside and use.

My heart wants wood and brass. I know the sheet of film at the back doesn't care about this, but I do. (I'm open to persuasion, however.)

It should work with standard 5x4 film holders (like Fidelity Elites) and be okay with a Fujinon SWD 90mm f5.6. If it can fold with the lens fitted, all the better, although I suspect it might be a bit big. If it doesn't, I can live with taking the lens panel off for transporting the kit. The camera needs to be fairly lightweight. It will probably be carried in a backpack along with the glass and other stuff. My tripod is a Manfrotto 055PROB with the in-between ball leveller gizmo and a 410 junior geared head. It's reasonably substantial, great for my Bronica ETRS kit, but not man enough for the MPP - I'd rather not have to change it as a result of changing to a view camera.

Use is for landscapes, mostly with the 90mm, possibly sometimes with a 150mm. Some architecture is a possibility (pretty pictures of castles, cottages, bridges). No interest in close-ups or using longer lenses (so big bellows draw not a major factor).

Budget is somewhere around 500-600. Less is better, of course, but I don't know how low the prices can go for such kit.

Currently, I'm considering the Wista 45DXII. Looks nice and traditional. 3.5lbs seems like a good weight. The little infomation I've found so far suggests that it's quite well made - would those that have used this model agree with that? Is there likely to be a problem with the fixed bellows and 90mm - will tilt and rise/fall be compromised? Are the adjustments easy to make and is everything nice and stable when locked? Does it have detents at the centre points?

Given my criteria, is there any particular reason not to go for a Wista?

What other makes and models of a similar ilk and likely second hand price would be worth considering?