The Nikon F2 is nice and the cable release issue is easily solved with an inexpensive adapter. There are many F2s around and prices vary. The trick is fnding one with a working meter that is in good condition and doesn't cost too much. If you can live without mirror lock-up and speeds over 1/1000 then consider a Nikon FE. You can get a grid (E) screen for it. Another possibility is an N2020. It's not a great AF camera but is a very usable manual focus camera. There are three screens: standard w/AF brackets, grid (E) and clear (B). You get a built-in winder, speeds to 1/2000, TTL flash capability, different exposure modes and focus confirmation. I have all three screens and, I think, six N2020 bodies. For macro work or for shooting with alower lenses like zooms you might find the standard screen is just fine. It's lilke the B screen but with the AF brackets which you can ignore. The FM does not have interchangeable screens and the FM2 and FM2N usually go for a lot more than the FE or the N2020.