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The silver structure is different for ortho films because it does not need to be sensitized to red spectrum light.
Whether a film is orthochromatic or panchromatic has nothing to do with Silver Halide crystals and everything to do with sensitizing dyes. The only time you see these sensitizing dyes in your negatives is if you don't fix&wash certain Kodak films well.
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And the results you obtain when you try to develop the film under a red safe-light would most likely also disappoint.
If I remember correctly, orthochromatic film is used to these days for masking where it helps tremendously if you can see what you do without IR goggles.

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Matt beat me to it, but I was going to say do you like processing in total darkness.
I normally do but there are situations where I don't.

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Safelights other than a very very dim green, and then for short times are still not good for pan films.
Did you mean orthochromatic films? And why would you use green safelights for orthochromatic film? Michael R. apparently uses a dim red safelight with success.

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