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Playing sports at any level, one of the first things you are coached to do is to learn to identify your strengths, then play to those strengths and away from your weaknesses. If you can shoot free throws, then make sure you are holding the ball at the end of the game. If you can't, then make sure you give it to someone else who can.

For this MSA theme any rational coach is going to want to keep the ball out of my hands. In fact, he's likely going to pull me out of the game...

The point is to challenge to improve and to learn, all of which can be done with other people's images, if you notice my last example is a model mimicking the book behind her (however somehow looking through the reverse image I faced her the wrong way looking at the book rather than mimicking the direction of the look of the original piece of art. HOWEVER it's still a humble image with no sex or perversion, to me at least it's not even an NSFW image, so if someone wants to submit an image of someone's back and elbow, that's still technically a nude/bodyscapes and would be perfectly acceptable.

Anyway I hope SOMEONE posts or I will be really sad.


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