Ilford ID-11 is the same as D-76. If you do not like powders, Kodak's HC-110 is similar in working characteristics to D-76/ID-11. Ilford makes an excellent developer called DD-X, which again will give similar image characteristics to D-76 but with slightly higher film speed. You can also use the TMax developer you have (TMax RS if shooting sheet film). It too gives slightly higher film speed than D-76, but is slightly grainier. These are all standard solvent developers that will give you excellent image quality.

Rodinal will be grainier, slightly sharper, and tends to give slightly lower film speed. It has it's own "look" which is prized by many. If you're shooting pinhole images I'd suggest one of the solvent developers listed above.

You should also read Ilford's publication on FP4+ (available on Ilford's website).

And be sure not to make decisions about any film/developer combination based on a few rolls or sheets of film. It takes time. And print the results.