I wonder if plexi is asking for static, though. Wood may too, but not as much.

I really like the idea about a rollerball spring catch, though making it may be outside of my skill level. I was thinking of cannibalizing the registration pin/lever from my "doner" 414.

From ebay I received an used Watson 100 bulk loader with a shipment of Kodak NOS snap-caps (I've been buying snap-caps as if they're discontinued... oh wait, they are). I've a new Bobbinquick loader, so the ebay acquisition is a bonus... and expendable. I've carefully removed certain spinning parts from it. They idea is to put the unperfed film in it and "attach" it to the jig I want to make. It would not be light-tight, so a bag or darkroom would be mandatory. It would simply be a convenient way to hold and "feed" the film.

My idea so far is a wooden base to screw everything on. At Home Deport I got a small sheet of aluminum that I will try cutting and bending. The first guide will (hopefully) somehow snap into the bulk-loader, in the hole and depression where the sprocket originally was. Film would be perfed emulsion-side up to reduce risk of scratches. The other end of the jig could have a 50-foot reel and crank attached to just do a long roll all at once.

I'm already envisioning a motor, some micro-switches, a die set, and solenoids. However, I'm very bad at fabrication, and really good at procrastination, so if I get an ugly manual system made it will be an huge achievement.