If you don't care about film speed AT ALL then go with PanF+ if you do, I would try out HP5+ as a match. I know you said you don't care much about film speed, but it will be a big adjustment. Going from 400 to 125 in speed.

I would first suggest trying 1 roll of all 3, shoot the same exact scene with all three, and over and under expose and stick with your standard developer for now....

On a side note, I LOVE Ilfsol 3 and DD-X they are both amazing... Ilfsol 3 for PanF+ and FP4+, and DD-X for HP5+ and the Delta line.

However they are really very expensive in comparison to Rodinal. I STILL haven't found a comparable developer to Ilfsol 3 with longer storage and more capacity... But I would say after you decide on a film with your current Dev, that you give Ilfsol 3 a try.


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