Well I think I'm done printing! I've learnt a few lessons through this exercise...

First I realised I'd need to be able to wash a number of prints at once. I decided to make a print washer out of a 25l water cube so started to cut the top off with a stanley knife. Halfway through the blade snapped and the knife sprang back and took a deep slice out of my chest. I grabbed my Sham-Wow to stop the bleeding and popped in to the local hospital. THe nurse said "Oh, that's an interesting use for a chamois." I said "It's not a chamois, its a Sham-Wow!" But I digress - when home with a dressing I used a hacksaw to finish cutting the top off the water cube more safely..

Once I found time (toddler, job) to get into my darkroom (corner of the laundry) I realised I wasn't really set up to do any volume of printing. I had to string some baling twine from the door hinge to the corner of a cupboard for drying and spread newspaper around so my prints didn't drip all over her clean towels.

First lesson: Dust is a pain. I went through a few cycles of print, check, wipe everything down, print again before I was getting prints without dust and hair visible.

Second lesson: It is hard getting the paper to line up perfectly square under my easel. Sorry if anyone gets a print that is a little off, I'll try to pick the ones with nicest margins. Is there a trick to this or do I need a better easel?

Third lesson: Ilfosol S exhausts more quickly than I thought(?). When I turned on the lights I found the later prints have some yellow staining apparent in the white borders. I made up a fresh batch of fix and gave those prints another fix with no change so I'm assuming it is the developer - any advice? I used 500ml of made up 1:9 for 20 8x10s.

Fourth lesson: Allow more time. It ended up taking me 4 hours from start to finish. Only left me 5 hours for sleep last night :/

So yeah I did 20 8x10s which I think exactly doubles the amount of BW prints I've ever made. Hopefully I can find 10 that don't have crooked borders and yellow stains. At least I'm fairly happy with the image.