I agree - the story is not in the boots but in who wore the boots. A little background here. I grew up in a small town. My high school history teacher was always involved in the community, including serving on the local rescue squad as an EMT. After she retired from teaching, she was often one of the first ones to arrive on the scene (they called these two people the "geriatric squad" because they were retired from their day jobs but still were active on the rescue squad/fire department). Sadly, she died on her 70th birthday in 2011.

To honor her, the fire department threw a party in celebration of her life. At the end of the party, they took her boots and fireman's outfit to the corner a block from the firehouse, where US 24 runs through town. Everyone who attended the party gathered at the corner where the boots were. The entire fire department and rescue squad then got on one of the fire engines and went from one end of town to the other with sirens blaring.

There was no picture in the boots or gear. The picture was in the person who wore them. Rest in peace, Miss Nancy Burnett.

Find the person who wore the boots, and you'll have your story.