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I never add "extra rotation...after the guide drops into the start of the slot." I just turn the reel until it clicks the requisite number of times. I've no idea why you'd turn it more. Adding the "flow guides" (is that what the "bat wing paddles" are properly called?) is quite simple. Remove the reel from the base (pull the guide away a bit with one hand and lift the reel off with the other) and feel of the film edges. The go pretty much centered over the area where there's a gap between the sheets. Feel into the reel just a bit and you can find the plastic tabs that snap into the guides. They snap right in.
I find I want just a little more rotation after the guide drops into the slot opening. Probably something to do with how fast I turn the reel. The main thing is it works. The guides are not too difficult - just find the square-ish lug. I think that hardest part of using the loader is getting the reel off it!

The only reason I have the loader is that it came with the Jobo kit when I bought it. I don't think I would have gone looking for one otherwise.