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I won't be participating.

The restrictions (only B & W, no toning, etc.) aren't consistent with how these have always been run, and the specification of genre rather than theme doesn't appeal to me.
I did ask if this was how it's done, I've only been part of two of these, I just assumed you make up a challenging task and then say GO, I even asked to be contacted if I did it wrong...

Ok umm can I lift the "Restrictions"? I really am working off of little info, there really should be more instructions for judges as I don't know what I'm doing here...

Ugh, ok SKIN is the theme, how about that? After Trying to figure out what the difference between a genre and theme was, I've discovered the only difference is that a theme is abstract sounding... So there you go... SKIN

sorry I'm not mad just frustrated as I wanted this to be fun not disappointing to people... :/

Maybe the Moderators can delete this and let me start over or something?


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