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Really amazing shots!

I am completely sold on HC-110. Tried D-76 and ruined several rolls. HC-110 is amazing.

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The characteristics of both developers are VERY similar, perhaps you have to adjust something else?


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Yeah, I don't get that. D76 has been the de-facto standard reference developer for decades for very good reasons. It isn't the best nor the worst at anything but it does a good, balanced job with pretty much all normal films. It's very easy to use. Its life once mixed is far better than Kodak says. A year in a full bottle is no problem. I have some more like 18 months old and while I'll probably mix a new batch just to be sure, the last time I used it a couple of months ago was perfect.

None of that is to take away from HC110 which I haven't used but have a bottle and plan to try. It lasts pretty much indefinitely, even Kodak says "indefinite" in the bottle unopened, and with a pipette or other small measuring tool is super convenient to mix at need. These results, as folks have said, are great. But I don't know why anyone would have problems with D76.