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Hi all, I have been delving into flash portraits with my RZ67 and Portra 400. As a check, I set my Nikon D200 (Dont worry APUGer's -its a camera from the future ) with ISO at 400 to match the portra and both at f22. The D200 shutter speed was at 1/250 and the RZ at 1/400.

I expected the exposures on the RZ to mirror the ones from the D200. When I developed the images from the RZ, they were all around 1.5 to 2 stops overexposed!

Is it that the film is just more sensitive to the flash type of light?? Confused!

Paul, I think you'll find the D200 is a camera from the past. Well, a number of things could be going on to introduce the perceived discrepancy between film and digital. Were both cameras functioning correctly? Sticky aperture blades are easily seen, but a 'slow' leaf shutter in an ageing RZ would only be confirmed with proper test gear. Did you develop correctly? You'd only know if you processed a control strip etc. Fortunately, colour neg is very tolerant of overexposure.