Thanks for that. The online darkroom is a new site and well worth a look. The comparison between TMax 400 in 4x5 in one developer and the same shot with a much slower ortho film but in 35mm and another developer is amazing in terms of how close in the blown up crop the 35mm come to 4x5.

There may well be something of a break through here by Spursinn but the crucial pics we need to see is say a 400 film like Tmax at 400, 800, 1600,3200 and say 6400 compared to say D3200 at the same ratings.

If TMax 400 in Spursinn can match say D3200 at even 1600 in tonal range and still maintain its grain which is finer by a mile compared to D3200 then this stuff will really look to be a winner